1. Why are all of your products white?

We want to keep our products as clean and pure as possible; therefore, we decided to not add additional dye to our wax to color them. Also, the color dyes can have a tendency to stain your wax melt warmer. We want your wax melt warmer to stay looking nice!

2. Are your products paraffin, paraben, and phthalate free?

YES!!! We use 100% natural soy wax without paraffin for all of our products. Soy wax is typically a softer wax compared to paraffin, but still delivers great scent throw. The fragrance oils we use are clean scents, which means they are free of phthalates. Parabens are mostly found in skin care products, such as lotions and soaps.

3. Does our wax melt studio actually travel?

ABSOLUTELY!! We are a family of three that travel full-time on the Open Road in our RV. Our goal is to visit all 50 states, and even Canada and Mexico! And with no end date set, who knows when our adventures will end! Follow the journey here on our Instagram @openroadcandles.

4. Where will you ship your products?

As of right now, we are only shipping to the United States.

5. How quickly will my order ship?

We strive for quick shipping time that usually occurs within 1-3 business days.

6. Will your wax melts work with my Scentsy warmer?

Long answer short, yes. However, we have found that Scentsy warmers do not get hot enough to melt the wax melt for its full scent power. In our experience electric warmers and tea light warmers work much better, with the tea light warmer giving you the best scent throw from your wax melt.


If you do not see your question answered above please reach out to us here!